About Aly

Growing up in East Tennessee, I was fortunate to be surrounded by beauty. The Smoky Mountains are home to me, and my artwork is inspired by my home. My whole family is from the Appalachian region, so it is important to me that that rich history and the memory of the people are expressed in my work. I believe that art is something that we not only see and can observe aesthetically, but something we feel and connect with. If an artist is not personally connected to a piece of art, no one else will be either. I want to create pieces that speak to people in a personal way.

I personally connect most with and find the most beauty in texture. I love using texture to create a feeling of richness and character. Texture is aesthetically pleasing even in the simplest of paintings. It creates dimension without having to be too precise or realistic and gives richness to a piece of art. My technique is nothing new to the art world, but the way I use it is unique.

I begin using a palette knife to create texture and then I added another element: layers. Layers and layers of paint make a painting that much more exciting, with each layer peeking through a little bit in the end. These two techniques create a rustic and effortless beauty that speaks to me personally. I love to see paint stripped off old furniture or décor because you can see each layer of paint that someone (or multiple people) painted on top of another through the years, and each layer is like a tangible memory.

Although my paintings don’t take years to paint, I want each layer to tell a story and appeal to memory in subject and rendering. I have learned to trust my brush and work with colors until they speak for themselves. It is with great joy that I share my creations with you.

In gratitude- Alyson